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Started by Silver Sorrow, June 19, 2012, 07:42:12 AM

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Silver Sorrow

If you're into Vikings -- and what straight man isn't? -- you'll be happy to discover that Steam has a (limited time) 20% off deal on Rune (i.e., $7.99), which has been sort of repackaged and stuff. Now it's called Rune Classic, and you can see the store page here.

Why do I bother? Because this is one of the ten games in my all-time favorites list. Skyrim, with its allegorical Nords, comes close, but does not eclipse the awesomeness of Ragnar's story.

Anyway. The package contains the original game plus the MP expansion pack, as well as the soundtrack. So in other words, it's pretty much Rune Gold. Regardless, I snapped it up immediately; installing from the original CDs was a pain in the ass, considering that it came out in 2001 or thereabouts.

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