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Started by Starfox, December 25, 2022, 01:54:33 PM

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I should really recycle the post from last year because what else is new?  :purplelaugh:

So in this days of merriment, I wish you  :xchristmas: to all those who are reasing this. Or merry whatever you want if you're not interested in Christmas; I don't judge.

Next milestone will be the New Year and we already all know what happens then. Even more merriment with much more alcohol than Christmas.

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Silver Sorrow

"We're at the threshold of Hell!" :ss-fan

Well...anyway, Merry Christmas to everyone. Well...not everyone. We all have our list of those idiots who we hope get a Christmas stocking full of cancer. But in this coming year, let us dedicate ourselves to letting things go. Little annoyances, grudges, the million and one little agonies that make us indecisive...such as, should I buy a new dishwasher or an assault rifle? Maybe if I get the AR, I can just force someone to do my dishes and use the under-counter space to store a few of the giant cans of creamed corn and chopped black olives that I know will become valuable currency in the coming apocalyptic wasteland.

I forgot where I was going with that. Never mind. Enjoy the holidays -- if you can! -- and try not to get stuck in a three-day standoff with the police in a Walmart. I know it's easy to just fall into these things, but please...resist. Don't take offense when the Methuselah at the front tells you to have a nice day. Under no circumstances scream "Don't tell ME how to live Boomer!" and shoot him in the face. Remember that we are supposed to be a civilized, reasoning species that has mastered the tricky art of using cutlery...and not the reality: a bunch of semi-aware mutant monkeys with a fixation on bulging genitals.

Uh...yeah. So, in short: save yourselves and RUN. No...no. I mean...no. Happy holidays. Unless that offends you. In which case: go ream yourself with an icicle. And have a happy New Year.
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Anyone got anything particular planned for '23, gaming or otherwise?  I've been thinking of doing a developer's commentary for Point of View for awhile now, and with next year marking its twentieth anniversary I figure there's no better time for it.
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Silver Sorrow

Like previous years, I plan to merely sit here and let the whole thing wash over me like a tsunami of incomprehensible WTFs, knowing that I will never play many of the games that people are going nuts over.

Short Term: I look forward to yet another convo with my eye doctor, who always asks me if I've played The Last Of Us. How many times can I say "I don't have a PSwhatever!" nicely? They're porting it PC (allegedly), so maybe...just maybe...

Long Term: New computer. Maybe I can get a decent one for under $6000, just so I can play games that came out 10+ years ago.

It is the scent of garlic that lingers on my chocolate fingers