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REMINDER: The Foxhole policy regarding spamming crap

Started by Starfox, September 19, 2009, 04:28:18 PM

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A quick reminder because apparently some people don't even bother reading the forum rules and policy so I will be very clear here:

We've already banned during the last month 3 users (or rather fake users) who posted marketing crap and phishing attempts on the forum. You know who you are, you know what you posted so I won't explain. I'll just say again what is already included within the forum rules and policy:

Any user posting marketing crap will be definitively banned from the forum without any warning of any kind. This ban includes both the username and email address. We also keep the IP addresses for future reference.

Be sure that our staff is very eager to nuke the ass of any people who want to try and post spam. New users are monitored closely and we just enforced a new rule today: any new user including spamming material in their signature will be banned on the spot even if they did not actually post spamming material. You can't say you've not been warned.

Our users are encouraged to report any post that does not comply with our non-spam policy (thanks to Gramps for the last sighting and to Bobdog for the previous one). The only way to make sure that spammers do not benefit from their actions is to make sure that any spamming material is removed as soon as possible.

We are a pretty tolerant bunch here and we allow a lot of things in our forum that would be immediately deleted elsewhere on the web. But our degree of tolerance regarding spam is the absolute zero.

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The Rogue Wolf

Just an addendum to show that you're not going to get away with this sort of thing:

We staff are notified every time a new member joins. We also span literally half the world. Don't think that you'll get to slip onboard and evade notice by joining at Unholy o'Clock in the morning and hiding in the corner.

For the honest, fun-loving folk: Remember that every post has that "Report to moderator" link at the bottom right. Help us keep the site clean and wholesome, and thank you for helping us help you help us all.
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That's right. Even I notice. And I disappear for months at a time. But thats because I got the "My First Patriot Act!" Home Spying Kit for my birthday.
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