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ESRB Rating and parental advice (MUST READ)

Started by Starfox, November 22, 2006, 06:03:34 PM

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Although The Foxhole doesn't have any kind of official ESRB rating, I think it's better at this time if I come with some sort of self-proclaimed ESRB rating so parents can keep their children away from our site if they feel it necessary.

You should always consider that The Foxhole and all sites pertaining to it are ESRB Mature at a minimum. For Europeans that correspond to PEGI 16+.  Understand that most of our members are well beyond the legal age for going in a bar and have a drink. Last time I checked the average age of our members was between 35 and 40. As such this is not a school board and although we try to remain accessible and not offensive to younger people sometimes we may say things in an adult manner not suitable for some teenagers and definitely not suitable for children.

The Foxhole deals with video games (not only games when it comes to forum discussions but for the most part) including some games that are rated ESRB Adult Only (PEGI 18+). When that happens we try to stay well within the limits to not display any downright offensive material but still as a responsible parent you may consider that your children has no need to browse our site and this is perfectly fine since this is your parental role to protect them.

As a general rule as a parent, you should know everything about the ESRB or PEGI systems in order to protect your children. As responsible adults we give you ratings to help you to decide if a thing is good or not for your children... It's up to YOU to decide if you may let your children deal with this thing or not.

We strongly encourage you to visit the official sites of the two rating systems the most used in the gaming industry:

http://www.esrb.org/ (Entertainement Software Rating Board - used in North America)
http://www.pegi.info/ (Pan European Game Information - used in Europe)

Once provided with all the necessary info above, be responsible and protect your children. And that includes keeping them away from our site if you feel you have to.

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