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Some general guidelines for the hint and tips section

Started by Starfox, February 17, 2007, 09:35:49 PM

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This section exists because quite frankly Silver and I agreed that it was becoming a real mess finding useful tips and hints in the "New missions... Taffers!" thread , especially for those among you who are not used to our silliness... Each game in the Thief series has its own dedicated sub-board in which the tips and advices will be available per mission. Don't post a question in this top level board it would be useless.

If you have a question or need help about a mission which is not listed in the relevant sub-board, you may create a new thread with the name of the FM as the subject (no more no less) and ask your question. Hopefully this system should make things easier to find after a while.

If you don't have any question but just want to post some hints and tips that might be useful to others for a mission you already went through yourself, be our guest. Help is always appreciated. Just post them in the thread of the mission if it exists or in a new mission thread (always with the name of the mission as the subject) if it doesn't.

One word of warning: any post containing the words "Don't bother I've found it" (or any equivalent) with no other precision as a response to a question will be deleted without prior notice. If you find the answer to your own question yourself, at least make the others benefit from your wisdom.

As you may guess, these threads may be huge in spoilers. The use of the spoiler tag is not mandatory here since these are helping sections not general boards, so you've been warned.

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