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Shore Leave info !!??

Started by Nancy, April 20, 2007, 07:54:10 PM

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  This  time  ,  I  know  I'll   embarrass    :-[  myself    completely !!!!!!
  I've   just  discovered    Belboz's    TTGM  .........I  had  looked  at  Garrett's  Revenge
  before  ,  but  quit   because   it  was  too  dark  [  half  my  screen  was  black !!!  ]

  Out  of  boredom....rain/snow/rain/snow/RAIN / SNOW !!!!.........I   decided  to  play
  " Errand   Boy  ".......and  LOVED  it.   All  that   climbing   up  and  down ,  and  in  and 
  out.........such  fun. :purplelaugh:

  On  to   " Shore  Leave  "   [ *  almost  *   as  much   fun   as  Errand   Boy  ]   and 
  " Up  S**t   Creek  "  .    My  problem  is .........I  can't  get  off   the   darn   submarine. :mad1:
  I've   read  everything  I  can  lay  my  hands  on  ...........it  must  be  obvious  because
  noone   has   mentioned    this   problem.. :-[.. :-[

  Even   though  this  is  an  older  mission..........do  you  remember  how  to  get  off  the
submarine ??

  As  always...........thank  you. :)

Silver Sorrow

Didn't recall (not surprising, knowing me), so I loaded it up. Okay:

Just to get off the submarine, take a right from your cargo locker hiding place and go all the way until you run out of submarine. There's a hatch in the floor that you can use to get out.

You can also take a left from the cargo locker and go up the ladder in the next room to the upper deck; on this deck you'll find a chest with an "Ancient Coin". Keep going and you'll eventually come to a room with two teleport pads with starry textures. On the left is a small plaque that you can use the coin on. This will activate the rightmost pad and you will be teleported off to another part of the map you would have reached eventually anyway.

The problem is that the teleport pads are noisy tile, so upon teleporting, you may alert a couple of bad guys. Scuttling off to a shadow on the left and blackjacking the curious works, but I prefer taking the long way to get to that point. More stuff to hurt on the way.  ;D

Huh...I might just find my CD with the rest of the series and play it again. I've been meaning to play some classics...
It is the scent of garlic that lingers on my chocolate fingers


Oh yeah, TTGM... One of the best series for T2. I love it. Yeah I'm just giving my appreciation since Silver already gave you the answer...  :purplelaugh:


Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world. -- A. Einstein


  Thanks   guys..........but ............I  still  have  problems !! ::)

  I  found  the  hatch  in  the  sub. ,  which  takes  me  into  the  lake   with  the  sub.  and  the  demolished
  sailing  ship .   I  tried  getting  out  of  the  lake  over  the  edges  but  Garrett  won't  even  try  [ he  doesn't
  even   *  gasp  * !!!  ].

  I  came    from  Shore  Leave    through  the  teleporter  [  using  the    ancient  coins  ].   Actually,  I tried
  it  both   ways .........came  through  from  the  secret  compartments    too [  have  to  explore  everything
  you  know !!!!! :purplelaugh:  ]       When   I  use  the  coins   again ,  I  go  right  back  to    Shore  Leave !! :hammerhead:

  I'm  going    to  look  around  again........I've  missed  something,  and  it's  driving  me  crazy! :computerfix:

  I'm  back.....................and  I  found  my   mistake!!! . :hammerhead:   I  have  spent   2  hours   teleporting  back  and  forth,
  swimming [ and  drowning  ]   around  both  ships, and  re-reading  everything  I  could. ::)     I've   been  in  and  out
of  the  cargo  bays ,  looking  for  clues ..........finally........went  in cargo  #  3    and  SHUT   THE  DOOR   [ objective
  complete  ] :hammerhead: :hammerhead: :hammerhead:   Why  is  it   that  the  most  obvious   clues   are  the
hardest  to   find !!! :funup:     Anyhoo.....here  I  go .......up  the  creek ! :laugh:

Thanks  again...... :)


Oh, Nancy, you need to shut the door in that one....

[Wait for it.......]

[Wait for it .........]


Was it something I said??  :hammerhead: