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The Fidelio Incident [2017 -- Act 3 Games]

Started by Starfox, May 19, 2023, 11:44 AM

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Originally published on August 04, 2017

The Fidelio Incident is about an Irish couple fleeing a dark past and crashing their plane on a frozen island and the husband spending roughly 1 and a half hour searching for his wife. I can't tell any more because judging this game is mainly judging the story as there's not much on the gameplay front.

Strictly speaking this will be a very short review, as short as the game itself. A very short game (I think I rarely played a game that short) which is mainly a walking simulator with a few scattered uncomplicated puzzles along the way; there's practically more reading than playing in there. The story is good, sure, but the point is you'd have possibly the same feeling of achievement going to watch a good movie. Steam tells me I've spent 2 hours playing the game but on these two hours I possibly spend 15 to 20 minutes searching in a dense fog for a valve that I couldn't seem to be able to find -- and that was the most difficult part of my odyssey... the lost valve.

As a story The Fidelio Incident would possibly deserve a blue smiley because all in all it is a nice story with a good -- although not the most astonishing -- twist at the end. As a game it is barely worth the yellow one.

May be nice if you're really a fan of the walking simulator genre (and yep this is becoming a genre in itself these days).

Guess what it means!