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Cat Interstellar [2017 -- Ionized Games]

Started by Starfox, Jun 05, 2023, 06:17 AM

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Originally published on May 20, 2019

Well, this will be as short as the "game" itself which according to Steam I played from beginning to end for a total of... Gosh... 68 minutes!

Cat Interstellar has definitely something "in there" that could have been the basis for a good game, granted with a lot more work. Unfortunately, it's like if the developers decided to throw the towel part way through the project leaving us with something unpolished and that definitely feels unfinished. Instead of that they just "pretend" that the game is story focused... the problem is, even if one feels that there is a story somewhere, it's very rough to the point of being unappealing. There's no subtitles either (which shows that the game development was cut short at some point).

All that left me sad really because with some efforts the whole thing could have definitely gone somewhere following the likes of The TALOS Principle... As it is however, it's barely a proof of concept, let alone a game. Certainly feels more like an alpha build made for an E3 presentation.

For all purpose and intent, when I grant to this game the "bad" smiley, it's assuming that it is the finished product (which it apparently is as it doesn't bear the famous "Early Access" seal). Would it be a work in progress, I would certainly be more lenient.

Guess what it means!