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Cyberpunk: The Big Ol' Money Grab...uh...Phantom Liberty

Started by Silver Sorrow, Jun 11, 2023, 07:39 PM

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Silver Sorrow

Set to unlock on Sept. 26th (of this year, they claim), it's going for the low, low price of $29.99 USD!

Yes! Only half the price of the full game at launch! Yay, money!

I wonder if anyone will be angered by this. I'm sure the internet will speak its mind. ::)

Anyway, in addition to paying far too much for DLC, your pre-order grants you a gift: yet another car! Admittedly, it's a lot nicer than most of the crapmobiles in the regular game.

So let's have that description:

QuotePhantom Liberty is a new spy-thriller adventure for Cyberpunk 2077. When the orbital shuttle of the President of the New United States of America is shot down over the deadliest district of Night City, there's only one person who can save her — you. Become V, a cyberpunk for hire, and dive deep into a tangled web of espionage and political intrigue, unraveling a story that connects the highest echelons of power with the brutal world of black-market mercenaries.

Infiltrate Dogtown, a city-within-a-city run by a trigger-happy militia and ruled by a leader with an iron fist. With the help of NUSA sleeper agent Solomon Reed (Idris Elba) and the support of Johnny Silverhand (Keanu Reeves), unravel a web of shattered loyalties and use your every skill to survive in a fractured world of desperate hustlers, shadowy netrunners, and ruthless mercenaries. Built with the power of next-gen hardware in mind, Phantom Liberty offers brand-new gameplay mechanics, nail-biting courier jobs, gigs, and missions — and a thrilling main quest where freedom and loyalty always come at a price.

It sounds...a little tiresome, I guess. But that's just me. I need a nap. I'm old.

It's unclear as to WHEN the new content takes place in the game; after a certain point in the story? Do you start a new game with a saved character? Do you duct-tape your wrists to your ankles and launch yourself up your own ass? Who can tell...

Also, another gift for pre-ordering through

QuoteBuy any title from this collection and get the game Akane as a GIFT on July 4th and the GOG-Chan STL file for your 3D printer by September 26th.

Never heard of Akane, nor do I have any fucking clue what a GOG-chan STL file is (it sounds like a virus you might pick up from hanging out on 4chan)...and I have no interest in finding out.

Oh, and you also get more Rewards or whatever if you have the Witcher 3 and the Gwent game. More Witcher-themed novelty clothing and such. A shirt, a vest, a jacket, a gun, a sword. Whatever.

I don't know. I'd have to give this serious thought...hell's bells, I pay more for take-out on any given night (that's a rant for another day). But really...considering how much of a shit-show the game was on launch, you'd think they would give the DLC away for free to at least *partially* mollify the legions of hostile customers., y'know?
It seems because through time and space
Though names may change each face retains the mask it wore

Silver Sorrow

Irrelevant Preliminary Note: There was a YouTube ad when I opened the page: Find Single Ukranian Women.

...what, did PornHub stop working all of a sudden?


No, hang on. Before moving on, I'd like to clarify that I didn't watch the ad. I'm not that stupid. But I'll quote the description:

QuoteMeet Thousands of Lonely Ukrainian Women. Forget About Loneliness. Let Yourself Be Happy they mean actual women still *in* the Ukraine? Aren't most of 'em hiding in bunkers right now? And, this may be a turn towards the darkness, but is there a reason so many of them are single?


To supplement my earlier (crotchety) statements, here's a YT clip with someone's hands-on impressions.

You're welcome.

Btw, re: my earlier (irritating) musing about perhaps needing to start a new game: I'd say, considering the amount of changes and so on with the new contents/patches, then it may just be necessary to start fresh...unless you're the type of mutant freak who plays without mods, that is. (Sicko.)

Because I'm guessing that a lot of those mods will be broken completely, especially if you use gameplay/UI tweaks and the like, and it may take a while to fix 'em, depending on various factors. So...huh. Nope, can't play it vanilla. Doesn't even compute.

Anyway, this is all slated to come out a couple of weeks after Starfield (barring any delays on Bethesda's part), so I wonder if I'll remember that Cyberpunk even exists at that point.
It seems because through time and space
Though names may change each face retains the mask it wore


Quoteunless you're the type of mutant freak who plays without mods, that is. (Sicko.)

Thanks you very much... I play without mods, exactly because of all the above. I never saw the point to install mods on a game that wasn't finished/complete/entirely patched up ;D

When CDPR will say (possibly after the release of the DLC and a certain number of patches) "Well, boys and gals, that's it, we're moving on to greener pastures, don't expect any more patch/changes to the game" I will consider installing mods, sure...

But then they come with things lie The Witcher 3 next gen and instead of issuing a version of the game that could be installed separately, they want to update your modded one when they know that a number of the mods you're using won't work anymore stating: 'Yeah, but this new version is mod-friendly", "Not with some of the mods I use it isn't"; "Well you can't have anything, deal with it".

As for the DLC, I don't have any opinion yet. I don't even know if I'll get it considering the price which is, yeah, outrageous considering all the hoops and quirks those of us whom bought the initial release had to deal with. Not to mention the numerous changes to the gameplay, most of these not being for the best.

QuoteIrrelevant Preliminary Note: There was a YouTube ad when I opened the page: Find Single Ukranian Women.

That's amusing. They moved from Russian women to Ukrainian ones... Signs of the times I suppose ;D

Guess what it means!


" overhaul to the capacity system forces players to consider the risk of cyberpsychosis when installing new cyberware."

Roads?  Where we're going we don't need roads.

Silver Sorrow

Someone with cyberware in every slot may be fidgeting about this news right now...and then there's me, with a mod that adds both sandevistan AND a cyberdeck...uh, oh.

QuoteThanks you very much... I play without mods, exactly because of all the above. I never saw the point to install mods on a game that wasn't finished/complete/entirely patched up ;D

Repulsive. Utterly repulsive. ;D

No, I know what you mean. And although I usually wait until I've finished a game before I start looking for mods to install, I couldn't do that with this game. For one thing, I couldn't stand the stupid hair on offer. For another, the whole aesthetic is something I find ridiculous. Guess what: I'm nowhere within the target demographic for this game.

I've documented the problem I had with all of this at some point, but in essence: I don't want to go through the game looking like a colorblind clown in a bad wig. So I started looking around...and the mod scene isn't exactly the most helpful in that regard. THEY are well within the target demographic, apparently.

[Side Note: I think this game is just for 1. screenshot-junkies and 2. people with terrible taste; nine million pose packs and radio stations geared towards shitty "music." And that's just for starters. If you like truly stupid mods, head over to the Nexus page and feast your eyes upon some of the dumbest mods in existence, along with a slight sprinkling of actually *useful* mods.]

So to keep my painstakingly-created V from giving the impression that she ekes out her existence as a merc by day and a street hooker by night, I had to dig pretty deep in a couple of places (discord is a nightmare) just to come up with something that doesn't look like she enjoys swapping STDs with random longshoremen.

I figure that out of all of my mods, perhaps 98% are cosmetic mods, and perhaps 2% change gameplay. So if the cringe-inducing fashion sense weren't a factor, I would most likely be playing almost vanilla. The few true changes I would make are:

- Get rid of all the starting logo movies and whatnot, or al least let the player skip through them

- Bring back being able to detect people via Legendary Ping

- Being able to skip that stupid hacking minigame that you have to go through EVERY SINGLE GODDAMN TIME

- Give the player an equal footing with hostiles. Bad guys doing all kinds of shit you just can't is...tiresome.

...and a few others. But I grow weary of typing. Plus, I'm sick of dealing with my own stupid opinions right now.


This might be of interest: Update To System Requirements

Kind of ridiculous, really.
It seems because through time and space
Though names may change each face retains the mask it wore

Silver Sorrow

An excerpt from the new requirements:

QuoteOne of the changes is the choice to stop supporting HDDs for the minimum requirements – SSDs offer faster loading times, improved streaming, and better overall performance when compared to HDDs.

It's important to highlight that it doesn't mean the game will stop working on the previous minimum requirements. However, following the next update to the base game we will discontinue active support for them and stop testing the game on those setups.


Also: as of 1.62, Photomode is broken. Brilliant work, guys. Really.

In depth:

Go into photomode, take pic, not using stickers or special effects. Pic saved...but they moved the spot where it's normally saved (C:\Users\USERNAME\OneDrive\Pictures\Cyberpunk 2077)...instead, there's a 0k .png. Can't open that, can we?

So now we look in the new spot (C:\Users\USERNAME\OneDrive\Documents\CD Projekt Red\Cyberpunk 2077\screenshots). Oh, there it is! Yay.

Let's try something, shall we? SHALL WE!?!

I usually go into the Stickers tab for a nice black background. So I do this. I take the pic. I find the file. Where is my V?

So adding a sticker effect caused V to disappear.


You cannot view this attachment.

You cannot view this attachment.

And who'll deny it's what the fighting's all about?

[Note to self: take a break from the Floyd, eh?]

[Ignore the bad lighting...and the weird boots; I was trying to underline a point here...and I haven't decided whether I like the boots or not.]

Of course you realize that this all means nothing whatsoever. I freely admit that. But it's the sort of thing that bugs me in the small hours.
It seems because through time and space
Though names may change each face retains the mask it wore

Silver Sorrow

Well...they released patch 1.63 today (~30gb?), which fixed the problems with photo mode, so...yeah. Priorities. ::)  HERE is the list of changes.

Oh, and it also added an ad for Phantom Liberty on the main menu...okay, it's not an ad so much as a reminder that you may or may not have bought it yet. Whatever.
It seems because through time and space
Though names may change each face retains the mask it wore

Silver Sorrow

One of the dumbest lines in a video game I've heard in recent memory:

JOHNNY SILVERHAND: If life's taught me one thing, it's that a safe's a good spot to hide your valuables.

I checked V's stats right after that, and it was amazing: Silverhand's remark caused my Intelligence stat to drop five points! It was THAT dumb!

Okay, that didn't happen. But still...pretty dumb. I look forward to more of that in Phantom Liberty, where I assume that there's going to be a micro-quest where I have to follow him outside at some point so that he can gesture at the sky and Johnny-splain to me that it's blue.
It seems because through time and space
Though names may change each face retains the mask it wore


I just finished playing Aliens versus Predator 2 for the first time.  There's a point where someone contacts you over the radio using a voice modifier, and later on it glitches out and you hear their real voice.  Even with the modifier the speaker is clearly a woman, and yet the player character responds, "You're a girl?"  My eyes rolled so far back in my head they completed a full 360.

The sad thing is, the game isn't devoid of good writing, as evidenced by this line you hear over the radio from a fellow marine searching for survivors of a xenomorph attack:

"Oh, no way.  Someone tell me that's just a boot.  That better be a boot...

Hey, it's a boot!"
Roads?  Where we're going we don't need roads.

Silver Sorrow

I guess they can't all be home runs. Cyberpunk's writing is largely okay (actually, I'd say "mediocre, in general"), but a few true clunkers slip through now and then.

Upon finding a body in a refrigerator, Silverhand says: "One thing I know like I know my own name: you do not poke around strangers' coolboxes. Best case scenario, you find a half-gallon jug of rancid milk, worst--"

[I took a screenshot. That's how I can quote it exactly. That's a tip from your Uncle Swiss Cheese Brain.]

Thinking about it, a great deal of Silverhand's lines make me want to either shoot him or vomit. That's nothing against Keanu Reeves, who's one of my favorite people. But you'd think they would give the man better lines to read. I sure hope they do better by Idris Elba...

Departing from usually destructive course, I'll add in a line I thought was pretty good. Now I just have to think of one.


Nothing truly comes to mind, except a couple of [female] V's lines, usually in reaction to someone else. She can be pretty funny. I'll just leave it there. If I rack my poor brain for specifics at this point I'll just give myself a nose bleed.

How about a couple of screens of my custom Panam instead?

You cannot view this attachment.

You cannot view this attachment.

...and one of my current V.

You cannot view this attachment.
Too much?

I think I went overboard on the accessories. I tripped over a curb and all that crap fell off my utility belt and went everywhere. Made a hell of a racket.

ANYWAY. The reason I'm posting the screenshots is that it will be like a reminder to myself of how good I had it before September 26th, as when I go through Phantom Liberty I'll be playing an unmodded game. Why? I guess because doing so will be like giving the thing a fair chance to impress me without all the mods. (The original certainly didn't do much of that.) I predict that I'll be cramming what I can back into the game before two hours' worth of play has gone by, though.

Bland Panam, no face cyberware other than a couple of half-hearted squiggles, boring cyberarms, a clown-based wardrobe, lousy skin complexion, shitty hair...oh, I'm definitely looking forward to THAT.

Hopefully Starfield will make me dismiss this thing entirely.

And yet...

And yet, cynic that I am, I say that "And perhaps pigs will not crap upon me as they fly overhead."
It seems because through time and space
Though names may change each face retains the mask it wore

Silver Sorrow

Occasionally glancing up through the rain...and watching for pigs on the wing.

Ah, well.

Like I said in that other thread, I'm giving Cyberpunk another go-through, thanks to Phantom Liberty...fully modded up. I couldn't do it. I couldn't bear to look at my V with her cheese-grater complexion and stupid hair and even worse clothes. A good number of mods still work despite CDPR's bizarre reshuffling of various, seemingly random things with every patch. And by now, most of the biggies (CET, Equipment-Ex, Redscript, etc.) have been updated. I'm not happy that the one mod that I loved dearly -- a Discord-only mod that recolored the combat turtleneck to a lovely, no-frills black -- doesn't work anymore, but that's goddamn life for you.


So far, the newest changes have been interesting enough. Some of them, anyway. I don't like that dodging has been changed from the simple double-tap of a movement key to a two-key combo engineered to test the basic design philosophy of the human hand. If I could grow extra, fully-functional fingers from the back of my hand, then perhaps I wouldn't be so disgruntled. I'd be horrified, yes, but...

In the tutorial, Breaching is given its own space, rather than being piggy-backed onto triggering a grenade in a guard's pants. It still doesn't alleviate the agony of having to play that godforsaken minigame, but that's what mods are for.

Let's see...the scav haunt is the same as I remember it -- annoying -- but otherwise fine, at least how I play it. When you get to your apartment (or the parking garage, however you like to deal with leveling up) to reflect upon your character and the crap they've picked up, you'll begin to notice some definite changes. Clothing is pretty much just an aesthetic choice now, which...well, again: that's what mods are for. Because the vanilla clothing is excrement.

Then there are the weapons. The way that the UI is designed as it applies to the stats of the weapons is no longer a simple matter merely glancing at numbers. No, you gotta squint at the small text (I do, anyway) and try to figure out just what, exactly, all these stupid numbers mean.

This gun does...lessee here...uh, 0.01% better damage than that one, so it's clearly superior in every way. In a game where a 2% increase in a stat is considered an unmitigated blessing from the Almighty Himself, that's something.

One thing I noticed is a lessening of the sheer amount of crap available for V to pick up along the way. Actually, that's been going on for a couple of patches now, but it's quite noticeable here. I think I only picked up three consumables along the way and very little health, junk, etc. Which is fine by me, but hoarders may boo.

Anyway, and then we have the whole leveling up thing. One attribute point, one perk point, and boom. Level two and on our way to glory or something. The perk trees are completely different now, so feel free to spend a lot of time puzzling over them. Or just pick something at random. It doesn't matter right now, does it?

Wake up (wake up), grabbed a brush and put on a little makeup, hid the scars to fade away the shakeup...right, stop that.

Woke up sick, fielded a call from Jackie, looked in the mirror to change a few things -- again, thank you mods for letting me have more freedom to change stuff than CDPR wanted to give me -- and got myself downstairs somehow. I skipped the bot sparring, because:

1. I have no idea why the devs insist that I become a boxer. I don't like boxing, to put it mildly.

2. I resent the fact that, even though I ignore the entire stupid boxing-related quest line, the quest remains in my journal. Unlike the rest of my life, I like to keep my journal tidy.

3. In a not-too distant patch, they amped up the damage output of the sparring bot and the damn thing killed me. I was a netrunner, not a UFC-wannabe.

That was the point when I stopped being nice to Fred and told him that no, I had no intention of playing patty-cake with his stupid robot. I've taken that stance ever since.

Talked to Wilson, got my iconic gun. Whoopee. Less damage than my current gun. Yaaaay. But upgradeable, being an iconic. Whoopty-doo.

Bopped on downstairs, being forced to listen, yet again, to the news blaring details of the upcoming Arasaka parade featuring, among other things, plays in the Noh tradition. Every time I hear it, it take me back...

Talked to Jackie, nothing different at all. Drove to Misty & Vik's Mind 'n' Body Emporium. (Again: mods are the secret to making sure I don't have to look at Misty's stupid default hair ever again!) Now, everything about it is the same, but the cyberware experience is somewhat different. The interface, I mean. The scene is the same, but now there's a couple of added things in the equipping part of it. You'll see.

Made my way back to where Misty was talking about Jackie's chakras, or however you spell it. I don't care at this point. You can't stop me. I'm out of control. I got a text right in the middle of that convo -- from Jackie -- asking me what was taking so long. So that might've been a small glitcheroo. (OTOH, when I parked and we got out of the car to walk to Vik's, Jackie didn't walk **through** the car like he always has before, so I can forgive a couple of smaller sins along the way.)

Walked to where Dex's car was waiting -- wow, lotta people, huh? -- and saw that now there's a few cops on foot among the crowds. And the arrows above their heads are cyan and not the potentially-a-murderous-threat yellow.

The car convo goes as normal. Got out, leveled up, talked to Jackie, grabbed the Ping quickhack from Yoko at the Nutrunner...uh...Netrunner's shop (sorry, the typo was just too good to keep to myself), got back outside, and dragged myself over to Lizzie's first, because I wanted to get the meeting with Evelyn out of the way as soon as I could.

On the way, there was a LOT of car traffic. I have to check my settings, but damn. Some things never change though, as when I was about to head into the bar, some lunatic in a truck went all demolition derby on the other drivers and wrecked a few cars, causing an explosion or two. Just another day in Night City.

And that's where I stopped for the moment, as I have to prepare myself for the worst part of the entire game: dealing not only with the smug condescension of Evelyn Parker, but the sheer abrasive agony of Judy Whatsername. Interacting with both of them is a lot like replacing one's toilet paper with a steel scouring pad.

Really, interacting with NPCs is one of the worst things about RPGs, really. For me, I mean. I'm happier when I don't have to talk to anyone at all. It's what I loved about Thief. And Half-Life. No talking, talking, talking. Why did I just disappear into the wilderness of Skyrim? Why did I avoid everyone in Fallout 4? Because having to converse with people pisses me off. Almost as much as the fact that there's no Half-Life 3.

I think that's a good stopping point. :o
It seems because through time and space
Though names may change each face retains the mask it wore

Silver Sorrow

Oh, good. Now there's an annoying buzzing sound while driving V's Hella. And I shot a cop. In-game, I mean. Okay, so maybe it was my fault. Maybe it wasn't.

Fun fact: the default crowd density? High.

So what happens when you block the sidewalk?

You cannot view this attachment.


You cannot view this attachment.
This would be even better if there was also a marching band.

So I, as a conscientious citizen, waited until the ones behind my car (yes, I parked there, never mind that) crossed the street. But knowing how crowds work -- pressing themselves into an obstacle where the slightest movement of that obstacle will push them and sometimes send them sprawling -- I was pretty much expecting what happened next: the cop got all pissy and opened fire on me. So I got out and informed him that I, as a sentient human organism, had every right to exist and how dare he tread upon that a large caliber.

Two stars later, I had retreated to a nearby alcove and crouched in a corner, curious to see how long it would take them to give up. Spoiler alert: a lot sooner than I'd have thought. Fine by me, really. But I dunno...a colleague face-down on the pavement, you'd think they would search a little harder. But maybe they just didn't like him. So the cop cars -- yes, the reinforcements showed up in cars, rather than blinking into existence behind me -- pulled away and I was left wondering why...why couldn't there be a valet system for your vehicles? There's no parking to be had, so we have to just abandon our rides in the middle of the street while we run inside to shoot someone or deliver a package or whatever, so why can't someone come up with a valet mod?

I'm ranting. Never mind.
It seems because through time and space
Though names may change each face retains the mask it wore

Silver Sorrow


Can't turn off off the radio in V's apartment. Must I suffer their godawful taste in music at every turn??

Speaking of shitty music, I find it odd that everyone's dismissive of Samurai (they weren't that great, they weren't that important, blah blah blah), but it's like one of the few bands ever mentioned in the entire game, with no other bands being offered up as superior to justify the opinion.

Let's say that the only band that you ever hear about is Maroon 5 (I know...but try not to take your own life, it's just a hypothetical scenario). Not everyone likes them (obviously), but it's like they're the only band in existence that anyone knows or even mentions.

Or think of it like this: there's only 4 Non Blondes. There's no Soundgarden. There's not even Nirvana. Just 4 Non Blondes. Maybe Christopher Cross is making a comeback at some point...we don't know.(**) Point is...*sigh* Never mind. I'd try to articulate this so that someone outside of my head could understand, but I don't really care enough to make the effort.

Let's see...what else do I have to gripe about? Well...plenty, but I'll save it for later.

[(**) Small joke. Christopher Cross (jokingly?) claimed that Nirvana killed his career. I didn't even know he had a career after Arthur came and went back in 1981.]
It seems because through time and space
Though names may change each face retains the mask it wore

Silver Sorrow

Broken weapons? I didn't know that was a thing until just now. I was wondering why, after I had slogged through the dog food factory war yet again, all of the discarded weapons I thought I had grabbed were not in my inventory. In fact, they were automatically disassembled (one common bit each, I think) and added to my inventory.

Also, I've read that when someone is killed with a weapon out, they'll drop it and there's a relatively high chance that it'll break.

An odd design choice. I guess they don't want the player having so much money that they can afford the wretched wares in the wretched stores.
It seems because through time and space
Though names may change each face retains the mask it wore

Silver Sorrow

Bad guys dropping weapons...breaking them...booooo!

I'm not too sanguine about the complete overhaul of the perks, either. I think they did it just to prove that they could. There's very little that's familiar about any of it. And attributes seem to overlap, in a way...? I suppose they're trying to make the Technical ability useful, instead of something you ignore in favor of the other previously more useful attributes.

I'm kind of asea, here. I'll keep trying to make sense of it all, but my patience, already paper-thin, is just about gone. I'm thinking of using that XP mod I have installed and speeding up the process of leveling up, because it's taking forever to get perks that actually mean anything. The more interesting ones seem to be locked at the moment.

What I mean is, there are tiers; unlock the next level of perks by investing x amount of points in that attribute, and...blech.

More research needed. Haven't figured out the process for upgrading my quickhacks yet -- probably something REALLY obvious -- but I think I might need to do so before I tangle with another Tyger Claw chick. She was dodging the rounds from my SMG, for Christ's sake. It wasn't a pleasant encounter, but it was interesting. And by that, I mean "irritating."

Still, I gotta admit respect for the babe with the red outfit and rooster 'hawk hair. ::)

Not for the first time, I question the decision to put the player afoot at the beginning of Act 2, when they need a car the most. I guess the idea is to hold off paying Vik (thanks for the crippling debt, CDPR) and buy a cheap car after Delamain's psycho splinter crunches your Hella. Then make your way to Wakako, get paid for Sandra Dorsett, and start building your cash to pay Vik.

And you buy cars online now, instead of through tiresome texts from fixers. Yay.

No screenshots at the moment. Sorry.
It seems because through time and space
Though names may change each face retains the mask it wore