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Homefront: The Revolution [2016 -- Dambuster Studios]

Started by Starfox, Jun 25, 2023, 01:32 PM

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Originally published on December 07, 2019

Homefront: The Revolution is a game that tries too much to be a lot of different things and because of that fails at just about every one of them, including combat. The game itself is an attempt at cramming up in the same game titles like the Far Cry series, Crysis (those titles being certainly by far the most prominent inspirations here), Assassin's creed, Red Faction Guerrilla and a bunch of others.

Now, as I said for other titles, taking inspiration from what others have done is not necessarily bad if one can improve on the ideas and make them better. There however, it's as bad as it gets, both the integration and the execution being pathetic.

The only thing this game is really good at, despite its attempt at being more than a shoot'em up, is to drown you under gazillions of re-spawning enemies, each equipped with an AI more stupid than your standard doorknob. Even the shooting part is not particularly good which makes shooting the whole KPA army each time you trigger an alarm so tedious that after a while you really don't care for it anymore.

This game wants you to play it stealthy (beyond the first chapter in particular) but it fails that too due to the lack of proper stealth mechanics. It's one of those games that wants to have stealth because you know "it looks good on paper" but fails to grasp what stealth actually entails.

The story is neither appealing or original (as is the rest of the title) and it certainly doesn't justify you enduring the huge amount of idiotic gameplay in there.

Homefront: The Revolution resembles a huge aborted Frankenstein styled experiment that should have remained just that... aborted.

I find it hard to find a single redeeming point in this game. Oh yes, wait... it can be uninstalled, the whole 67 GB lot (yeah because it takes that amount of space to be a bad game, it just comes third on the list of the most space consuming games I played until now, just after DooM). That's it... redeeming feature right there; uninstall...checked... forget... checked.

Guess what it means!