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Just A Ball On Satan's Ping-Pong Table

Started by Silver Sorrow, Oct 09, 2023, 05:27 PM

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Silver Sorrow

Blah diddy-blah diddy-blahblah. Futzing around with this 'n' that.

Mass Effect: Nothing much to say, really. Just grinding away.

System Shock remake: stalled completely. Don't think I'll go back to it.

System Shock 2: the most interesting thing is how weird the respawns can be. I got to the Rickenbacker and no less than four rumblers were fighting the security turrets near the bridge. Wacky.

I'm really interested to see what the game throws at me in the final shoot-the-stars! room of the Many's body. I've heard people being swarmed by spiders or midwives. For me, it's usually rumblers. I don't think sane people concocted this game.

Unreal II: I was still curious if Aida's snake tattoo stops at her waist, so I reinstalled. But really: I just wanted to see if it's as irritating as I remember it. So far...not really.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution: I don't remember a thing about how far into the game I'd gotten, but apparently I had 29 hard saves? Why don't I remember any of this??

Fallout 4: with all the uproar over the next-gen update (Simp-Nerd Rage: "They broke all my mods! Now I can't mince about the Commonwealth in my stiletto heels as my ginormous titties bounce all over the place! WAAAAAAAAH!"), I thought I'd see how far I got into the vanilla game before I quit in disgust. It's playable thus far, but I just know that the settlement building will be godawful without mod help. So for now, I'm just be-boppin' along, diggin' how goddamn horrible the NPCs look. And the player? BARF.

I did manage to make a good-looking male character, so there's that. Far less effort when you're going for manly instead of pretty. Unless you want a pretty man, in which case I don't want to hear about it.

Speaking of which, does anyone truly understand how liberating it is to go through Mass Effect as a default maleshep? It's a lot more fun when you're not distracted by the notion that your femshep's nose is perhaps a centimeter too low on her face. Plus, you get to hook up with Tali later on. If you're into willowy Smurfs with glowing eyes and severe immuno-deficiency problems. (As opposed to tentacle-head Smurfs.) (Or space racists.)

It may be just the bleary dullness of wit that comes at 4:30am, but I don't really consider Ashley to be a racist. She's really no more a racist than the other species, who have the same attitude towards others: our people first, then yours...and until then, we're watching you, scum. (Aha! Dark Elves in spaaaaaaaaace!)

(Hell's bells, get some sleep, idiot.)

Anyway, Fallout 4's big ol' update broke mods, as I said. F4SE, to be more precise. But those guys have been working hard to restore functionality to the mods that use it...and then there was a patch to the upgrade released yesterday, further breaking the--

I'm just fascinated to see 1) how long it takes to fix things, and 2) how outraged people can be about a number of issues connected to the whole thing. It's strangely fun to watch. My favorite people are the goblins rolling back their game versions through arcane means: switch to Offline mode, spill the blood of the innocents, say the magic words ("wocka wonka hooboo!") and poof! You're a pathetic moron!

Anyway. Also lined up for my lackadaisical consumption are The Sinking City, God of War, VTMB, The Force Unleashed, Jedi Fallen Order, and The Excavation of Hob's Barrow. Also, I wonder how the hell I'm gonna get out of the Bonehoard without becoming zombie chow. I think my Thief muscles are a tad rusty.



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(Had to up the brightness by 200% and fiddle with contrast and saturation because it was so dark...but who gives a shit, right?)
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Quotebut I've come to realize that it's just a matter of them not being consistently challenged in the Real World.

Pretty much. When you're confronted to proper challenges IRL, you don't want your games to be more challenging but more relaxing because your whole life is already in hardcore mode, and if you die, you don't get to reload, you just... die.

Only games I played in the recent past that were hardcore (not that you have a choice, there's only one difficulty) were the three Dark Souls and Lies of P. And that's possibly my max when it comes to challenges. Not that I didn't enjoy them (stunningly enough, even to me, I did, even to the point I got into NG+) but that's not something I would do every day of every week of every year.

Quote$170 for two weeks' worth
That's a lot. But I just returned from grocery shopping myself with a bill of roughly $120... for a week. Prices have literally exploded here since the thing in Ukraine started. Curiously one year after it started, most of the grocery stores began renovations. Isn't that convenient? Makes you wonder if the price hike was even necessary to begin with or just artificially planned. I mean some of those shops hadn't made any renovations in more than 10 years and suddenly after just one year of inflated prices they redo the whole shop, just like that.

Guess what it means!


QuoteDeus Ex: Human Revolution: I don't remember a thing about how far into the game I'd gotten, but apparently I had 29 hard saves? Why don't I remember any of this??

Either the memory is really starting to go or your brain was really uninterested. But if it's any comfort I don't remember anything about my hard saves either.... whatever the game. I just know I generally do one when I'm about to do something really stupid or unheatlhy ;D

Quotebut I just know that the settlement building will be godawful without mod help

Which is why I always choose "only update when I launch the game" then start the game using the F4SE loader. For some reason it confuses Steam and the game never gets updated. Which is fine by me. I don't need an update where the only real purpose is to make the Creation Club more accessible to all, especially those of us who don't want it.

Guess what it means!

Silver Sorrow

There's always the danger that I'll mess up my installation somehow. I can't trust myself to not do something stupid. So to that end...

GOG had a sale on FO4 GOTY edition...and it hasn't been updated to the current NG fiasco. So what I did was plunk down a couple of bucks for the GOG version and moved all of my mods (all those mods!) over to the new folder. Reinstall Wrye Bash and Loot -- I'm not a fan of Mod Organizer 2, for some reason...probably because I'm an idiot -- and...ta-daaaaaa! Continue playing with all my mods. Granted, I don't have access to all the goofy CC content mods, what?

[It's not so much that I *need* to play FO4 again, it's just that I had a lot of time and effort invested in getting it where I wanted it, and every so often I'll return for a bit of dystopian despair...which is preferable to what's going on in the Real World.]

The only real obstacle I've faced is...well, it's kind of weird: I updated a couple of mods earlier today and I just stumbled across a radstag and a radstag doe outside Abernathy farm. The stag went aggro and I sent it to join Bambi's mom. The doe, however...when I killed it, *I* died instantly. Reload. Try again, same thing. Every single time. Haven't figured it out yet, but killing it with the console solved the immediate problem, but now I gotta sift through a bunch of mods in search of the answer.

To begin with, its ID in the console is (00195d3e)[EP]...which means that it's not added by a mod, but is a vanilla actor most likely affected somehow by a mod. I think. So now I need to crack open xEdit or something and start searching for form, I hate this crap. Some ding-dong makes a couple of wild edits and now I have to find them and kill them. The edits, I mean. It's not like I have a list of people that...never mind, I've revealed too much already.

Speaking of the struggles of living in a dystopian society, I would totally embrace the concept of Soylent Green as long as it's cheap. And it would first. Then some random corporation would step in...

...there's an angel standing in the sun...

Silver Sorrow

Okay, now it's *really* weird. I killed the doe via console and went about my day. Then I was jumped by a couple of feral dogs and died immediately upon killing one of them.

As if I didn't hate my life before...

Loading all of my mods in xEdit and searching for the formID of the doe turned up no weird edits (it's a placed leveled creature, btw). Now with the dogs being a problem, I think I might have to go through this the old fashioned (read: tedious) way: disabling newer mods one by one until I find the problem and make the hurting stop.


Crap. Crap crap crap CRAP. It's *my* mod. It's never given me any trouble before, so it's conflicting with something I've installed. Maybe the Game Configuration Menu mod. I tried disabling that, but I still dropped dead. So maybe it's screwed up my current saves and now I need to start a new game to make sure. Good thing I'm just an hour into this character or I'd say a lot more mean things. Hurtful things. Things I couldn't--

--I need to eat something before my blood sugar hits negative values. ::)


Yup. It was Game Configuration Menu conflicting with my mod. So GCM had to go. I only installed it because it had a bunch of features that could've allowed me to get rid of a couple of smaller mods, but whatever. The problem was that it had baked itself into my saves so I had to start a new game to make absolutely sure it was that mod causing problems (or is it: my mod caused a problem with *it*? naaaaah. it's everyone else's fault but mine). I'd conclude with some sort of insight into human nature as gleaned from the ordeal, but I got nothin' but a fatalistic shrug and a mumbled "oh, well."
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So let me get this straight. You have a mod (your own) that gets in conflict with some other mod and for some reason the result is that you drop dead each time you kill some random animal? That's the weirdest issue I've ever heard of and in more than 20 years of Bethesda I've heard an awful lot and experienced my fair share.


QuoteGOG had a sale on FO4 GOTY edition...and it hasn't been updated to the current NG fiasco.

Except for Skyrim and Fallout 4 I've moved all my Bethesda games to GOG because of their updating crap. Fallout New Vegas got updated a while back for absolutely no reason (valid one) I could see. Yeah, let's update a 10+ year old game... just because we can, and because that will invalidate mods. I think that Fallout 4 will follow suit. Skyrim, well after the last update the only thing I lost was my customized gamepad profile because the new one (that is there to simplify the access to the CC) is incompatible and if you ever try to use a custom gamepad map, it will crash the game as soon as you connect a gamepad.

It was so great when Steam allowed you to NOT update a game. But no, they had to make that mandatory.

Guess what it means!


So I gave in and replayed Void Bastards.  Still a lot of fun, though by the end I was happy to move on to something else (played 2.5 to 3 hours a day over the course of three days).  My biggest complaints against it are its tone (there's nothing wrong with the comedic bent, it's just that I prefer System Shock 2's survival horror vibe), and the fact that it doesn't build up to any sort of grand finale.  You rather anticlimactically acquire the final component you need, and then the game just ends.  I would have preferred a final boss fight of some kind, or at least have to run a gauntlet on a unique ship, something larger than those that came before.

Interestingly, the studio is working on a follow-up (as opposed to a direct sequel) called Wild Bastards.  While the idea's intriguing--mixing Void Bastards' rogue-like experience with something akin to Lucas Arts' Outlaws--the focus on combat is probably going to make it a 'no' for me.  One of the things I like about Void Bastards is being able to do as much or as little as you like on a ship before leaving, as opposed to being forced to kill every enemy in the level before you can move on.  They just dropped a demo, though, so you can see for yourself.

Update: Tried the demo so I need to modify my comments a bit. 
  • I was spot on with the Outlaws comparison.  "Where are you, Marshall?" was a common enemy bark there, while in Wild Bastards you'll hear, "Outlaw, where are you?"
  • I was mistaken on a couple of points.  First, while it is more combat focused, you can still sneak around to get the drop on enemies, all stealthy like. 
  • Second correction--you can actually leave a level without killing everyone, you just can't advance past it like in Void Bastards
  • Related to the above, the levels are persistent.  If there's, say, two enemies and you kill one before retreating, if you return there will be only one enemy remaining.  Which means you could theoretically go heal up first, or have a different character tag in.
  • Lastly, there are supposedly 41 enemy types (25 human, 11 animal, 5 security) which goes way past what Void Bastards offered.
So the jury's still out, it just has more of a chance than I thought...
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