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Exodus... The salvation?

Started by Starfox, Feb 23, 2024, 05:28 PM

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Is this the game that could save the spirit of Bioware? Not Bioware itself, of course, the next Mass Effect is already doomed by the simple meddling of EA and the fact that all the old timers from Bioware, the "old guard", have quit the boat around the time ME 3 was being developed or shortly after. And the next Dragon Age has been put under a gloomy light since it was revealed that a lot of employees whom worked on the previous games had recently been fired... "for the greater good".

But here's the thing. One of Bioware old timers founded a new home, Archetype Entertainment. James Ohlen (Baldur's Gate, KOTOR, Dragon Age: Origin...) didn't want apparently to work in video games anymore and was content with the tabletop company he founded after leaving Bioware in 2018 because he was not OK with the way EA was steering the boat. He refused several job offers in video gaming because he thought it would be the same old shit. Then, Wizards of the Coast (Dungeon & Dragons) chimed in and together they came up with a deal that Olhen could hardly refuse. The terms of this deal -- and it was sine qua non conditions -- was that he would build the company, recruit whoever he wanted to have on board and that Wizards would stay out of anything having to do with the development and creative process, unlike EA and their greedy paws.

And if this isn't promising enough, several members of the old Bioware guard joined him, including Drew Karpyshyn as lead writer on Exodus, which weirdly -- or not -- bears some resemblance with Mass Effect, make of that what you will. A way to stick it up to EA maybe? Or just the desire to develop the true Mass Effect game they were denied by greedy corporate suits?

OK. I'm not saying this will automatically be the next hit of a generation but seeing the people that are working on it, it just deserves more attention than it is currently receiving because your next Mass Effect fix might end up not being a Mass Effect game at all. Exodus is barely spoken of and it even appears that very few people know of or care about its existence. I certainly didn't until it was recently brought to my attention.

I don't have faith in any company, but I'm more than willing to give a chance in this case to the people behind it because they proved themselves in the past. Those are the people that gave us Baldur's Gate, KOTOR, Jade empire, Dragon Age and Mass Effect. And as much as I don't entertain any hope for the next Mass Effect, there is a glimmer on the horizon with Exodus... Sure they have big shoes to fill if they want to bring us a truly superb game... but look at this way: it's their own shoes ;D

Definitely a game to keep an eye on.

Guess what it means!