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2024: The Sequel To 2023

Started by Silver Sorrow, May 04, 2024, 11:56 AM

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Silver Sorrow

I realized I hadn't started a new thread reflecting the ongoing horror that is existence. Good riddance 2023, and holy shit we're almost halfway through 2024 and it's still the same horror show.

Oh, my aching life.

So to pick up from the last post:

Quote from: Starfox on Jun 02, 2023, 11:18 AM
QuoteI wonder if that's Youtube's entire plan, to find the most annoying advertisers they can in order to drive viewers to pay to be free of ads...

Very possibly... But I have a couple of things to say about that guys... Ublock Origin and Adblock Plus (depends on if you're using Firefox or Edge).

My problem is that I usually watch YT on my TV, so I have to suffer through the ads. But on my PC, I have uBlock...and on my phone I have uBlock and AdGuard AdBlocker; I never use the YT app, I just use Firefox.

They cannot conceive of the sheer amount of hatred I have for ads or the very thought of being blackmailed into giving them money for "premium" service to avoid ads. I end up grumbling:

"Maybe if you weren't paying random plastic morons a million bucks each to indulge in the Influencer/girlgamer lifestyle, then maybe you wouldn't need my money..."

Or, on less articulate days:

"Stupid rotten filthy greedy money-grubbin'..."

I'm also not a fan of reaction vids -- "two random Black guys hear Yes for the first time and they are AMAZED!", for example -- but that's another rant for another day.


I've just finished going through about ten boxes -- TEN BOXES!! -- of books my dad had stored away in the garage. (There are a couple more, I believe...and that doesn't include all of the books he had stored in closets!) Two or three of them were full of tattered paperbacks and the rest...well. That's where it gets kind of odd.

Not that the boxes full of hardbacks were odd, but it was four boxes in particular that nearly killed me. The idea was to ferry these boxes one by one inside, where I could go through them in better light (a single 60-watt bulb really isn't adequate lighting, as it turns out). I nearly gave myself four separate hernias getting each of those four inside, only to find that they were tech-related. OLD tech. I'm talking 80's to 90's era crap that no one in their right mind would want.

For example, one box was dedicated to a bunch of semiconductor cross-reference catalogs dating back to the mid-70's. My dad kept these. He carefully preserved them in boxes lined with plastic bags and stored them away.

Here's an example:
You cannot view this attachment.

1973. 1975. They're catalogs. Is there any chance that these would be even remotely useful? No. There is not.

(I asked myself if this was a case of simple sentimentality, as he kept one particularly useless piece of mephitic filth from 1974...but mom was against abortion, so they kept me. Thanks, mom. Really appreciate the 49 years of misery.)

Also, this is the SECOND pile of books I'm dumping in the trash.
You cannot view this attachment.

The first was just as large. And very heavy.

Okay, time to field a few questions:

Q: Why the smaller white bags?

A: Because, as I believe I've implied, these goddamn books are HEAVY and the smaller bags are manageable. Using the 30 gallon bags is just a waste.

Q: Why aren't you putting them in the recycle bin??

A1: I only have one polycart for recycling, and they only show up every other week. (They also prohibit using bags in the bin which explains why, on windy recycling pickup days, I have to roam my yard picking up other people's shit. But that's another grievance entirely.) Finally, these books are collectively so heavy that it's hard to move the damned bin. I have two polycarts for regular trash, thus I can distribute the contents between them.

A2: Because it all goes to the same landfill anyway. So to hell with recycling.

Q: What are the books you're throwing away?

A: Tech manuals relating to Linux, old server stuff, old radar stuff (dad went from radar tech work in the Air Force to doing the same thing at Raytheon and then a glorious [???] career in IT and then he died, which makes me wonder about the futility of life itself), books on server-side this and that, OS systems manuals, catalogs, and so on. I have no idea what any of it is, I have no way of understanding any of it, no one wants them, and I don't care to try and find anyone who might find them even vaguely interesting.

Q: Why are they sitting there? Why haven't you thrown them in the bin, you lazy dumbass?

A: I do only as much as my back will allow. Tomorrow, as they say, is another trudge though hellish misery. That is to say, I'll do it in the morning.

This brings me to a question of my own, a question that I muttered to myself throughout the entire ordeal:

Why, dad. Why.

I also got to throw away a lot of my mother's books, which were largely Bible-oriented. Well...they were written by the various greedy shits associated with Kenneth fucking Copeland ministries, that is. (She had quite a few actual Bibles in her collection, which I kept.) But she sure wasted a ton of money on that idiot's alleged "ministry"...and I doubt I can get a refund on the books about healing, which clearly didn't work for her.

So some televangelist gets a third private jet, thanks to mom.

Okay, I'll just be over here wallowing in my bitterness and--oh, hey! A box full of Calvin & Hobbes books! YAY!
...there's an angel standing in the sun...

Silver Sorrow

Found boxes 11-14; one was filled with textbooks...absolute page-turners with compelling, provocative titles:

You cannot view this attachment.

Yeah. Light summer reading.

That was just a sample from one box. Another box was stuffed with every single issue of PC Gamer going back to the dawn of the PC gaming age. Of course, this box was mine...and why did I keep them? *I* didn't. HE did. I just had 'em in a box in the garage and he assumed that I wanted to keep them. If he had asked me, "hey dumbass, what do you want to do with these?" I would've said "toss 'em." I don't care to hold onto a breathless articles going into raptures over Age Of Empires III, for example.

Although...I found my copy of the "Meet the Next Game Gods!" issue with America McGee, killcreek, Alex Garden and CliffyB on the cover. This one:

You cannot view this attachment.

Ah, memories. Does everyone remember when these four people changed gaming forever? Anyone? How about Stevie Case...someone has to remember her, right? No, I guess not. This, btw, is her in the '90's and recently:

You cannot view this attachment.

Time sure sucks, huh?

Anyway, I also found a shitload of Garfield books and comic books, so if anyone wants to know what Peter Parker, The Spectacular Spider-Man was up to in the '80's, I could probably tell you. (Essentially: boning the Black Cat when they weren't fighting the Kingpin.)

There's an ulterior motive in my cleanup, of course: I am ever-vigilant in my search for my beloved copy of Henry Beard's Latin For All Occasions. I just can't find it. I've been through box after box after box after box after box after box after box after box after box and so on into infinity but I just...can't...find it. Sure, I could buy it on Amazon...for $20. But I just know...I KNOW...that once I do that, I'll find my original copy not long afterwards. That is, not long enough to allow me to shrug off the cost and laugh about it, will be a stinging, bitter pain; a spear of purest spite (if you will) chucked directly into my heart.

There is no bright side to be found here: I stumbled across a bunch of Dilbert books. This was long before Scott Adams revealed himself to be a deranged Nazi (a redundancy in terms, I admit)...which doesn't take away from the worth of his early Dilbert strips; I can ignore the present as long as I am allowed to wallow in the past.

Wait, there is a bright side after all: I've tracked down all of my Calvin & Hobbes collections. On an even happier note, I finally have all of the Tintin and Asterix books in hardcover, and right after that I found all of the "Be An Interplanetary Spy!" books on Amazon. Sure, my library has a lot more Dave Barry than books explaining engineering thermodynamics, but so what?

By the way, Dave's written a LOT of books. :o

After I get the books sorted out, then what? Well, the light at the end of the a train. And that train is: dad's vinyl album collection.

Jesus marimba.

While they are in a manageable state (he kept 'em far more organized than his books), my question is: what the hell do I do with 'em?? Someone might say, hey, sell them!

No. He played the ever-loving HELL out of his vinyl. He wasn't a collector, not at all. He just loved music. There was always something playing on the turntable when I was a kid. And then he discovered CDs...

...and I've just reminded myself that I have a 5-foot-tall case of CDs to deal with, as well as a couple of containers full of the damned things.


Anyway, that's all I have to ramble about right now. Bore ya later.
...there's an angel standing in the sun...