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NecroVisioN [2009 -- The Farm 51]

Started by Starfox, Mar 24, 2023, 12:30 AM

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Originally published on August 12, 2013

Here is a game that I attempted to play a few years back and never finished. I gave it another try recently and didn't finish it either both times for the very same reasons. 

Technically, NecroVisioN is based off the Pain Engine (Painkiller) and uses very similar gameplay mechanics with a few twists of its own. It's a brutal and rather mindless shoot'em up (although I should rather say melee'em up so pointless the guns are most of the time) with a story so confused that one can't even begin to figure it out half way through the game and by that point one is so disgusted by the gameplay that it doesn't matter anymore.

That's a big difference with Painkiller... At least this one had a story one could follow. I suspect that the story behind NecroVisioN, whatever it is, is just there as an excuse for the braindead gameplay. If you expect realism this game is definitely not for you. Personally I decided to drop it after a nth pointless confrontation with hordes of bad guys attacking me at close range and guys at far range throwing grenades... right in the middle of their own troops. That maybe even more than anything else made me realized that the gameplay sucked... Combined with the almost complete lack of a coherent story that makes for a game very difficult to swallow.

But anyway... You'll be confronted to waves of enemies mostly undead but some alive fanatics too, that all seem to have only one purpose, to engage you at close range -- I suggest you get used to the "melee" key very quick -- and when I say "engage" you it's really just try to stab you multiple times with no respect for their own safety -- which I can understand coming from undead but the others? In short, the AI is as braindead as some of the characters are supposed to be.

Well, that's a Painkiller clone all right (so if you didn't like Painkiller chances that NecroVisioN is not for you either), far worse than Painkiller ever was. At least Painkiller had the novelty and a coherent (even if not especially original) story for itself

Guess what it means!