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Mass Effect 3 DLC: Omega [2012 -- Bioware]

Started by Starfox, Mar 24, 2023, 12:32 AM

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Originally published on August 14, 2013

Note: The following is a review of a DownLoaded Content for the game Mass Effect 3

In Mass Effect 3 there is this awkward moment (almost as awkward as the reunion with Liara in Mass Effect 2, that went: "Happy to see you! kissy-kissy... now seriously, go to work...") when you meet Aria and she directly comes with a business proposal just mentioning on the side that the Illusive Man kicked her out of Omega but that she intends to get it back, possibly with a lot of Cerberus blood poured in the vacuum of space. And that was that... no need to say, that smelled an upcoming DLC. At that moment, everybody knew that a DLC about the "liberation" of Omega was in the work... And sure enough, just before Christmas 2012... we got it.

So what's in there? The bit of story is simple. Aria needs help to retake Omega and for that she needs an expert tactician in ground combat and Shepard is the best she knows -- which suits Shepard's objectives just fine because one cannot let Cerberus in control of what is seen by most as the political if not administrative center of the Terminus systems (that is, if the Terminus systems ever had a political center). A Pirate Queen in charge, no matter how naughty she is, is preferable to a bunch of indoctrinated self-righteous pro-human racists. Because Shepard is the expert and that she respects that expertise, she'll ride shotgun for the set of missions and let Shepard take control and give her orders (how unusual! Appreciate the gesture).

The Omega DLC does feature some Reapers opponents to go with the war that is going on, although they were technically developed by Cerberus and are not under Reapers control. They are Cerberus creatures and Cerberus being the messy bunch they usually are lost control of a huge chunk of their "babies". Anyway, Reapers won't be the main opponents of the game. expect instead a lot of Cerberus troops in all flavors.

Aside from that, Omega is remarkable for two reasons. First, one gets to meet a Turian lady; although Turian females are common in the Mass Effect books and especially in the Turian military -- even Garrus mentioned something related in Mass Effect 2 -- we had to wait a Mass Effect 3 DLC to finally see one. A shame. And what about Volus women? Batarian women? Squishy splashy Hanar -- I let you imagine the possibilities? Elcor? Geth... sorry, got carried away there. Dear Lord, Mass Effect IS really a male game. Sure, one sees human females and the Asari even though not gendered appear to be physically -- and globally -- female; one Krogan female was introduced in Mass Effect 2 but she was armored so aside the voice there was really nothing to differentiate her from the males of the species and there again we had to wait Mass Effect 3 to meet a fully featured Krogan female. Anyway... technicalities...

So the second thing about this DLC -- to go back to the topic at hand -- is the way one can handle our favorite pirate queen, Aria. As usual in the series, Shepard can be renegade, paragon or neutral (playing both renegade and paragon in equal measure). That will directly impact the end of the DLC and especially the attitude of Aria, not only toward Shepard but also regarding Omega as a society. Of course if you want a big albeit brief demonstration of sentiment, you have to support Aria and agree to pretty much everything she says and does. Otherwise you can contradict her at every move which finally will give her doubts (because somehow she came to respect Shepard's opinions even if she doesn't always agree with them) and subtly change her outlook on how she rules Omega, not a very big change but enough to make her more "humane". If one goes the neutral route, she'll notice that Shepard is quite a curious little thing changing opinions on the fly and that she doesn't know what to make of it, but that won't be enough to sway her.

Aside from that there is new Biotic powers to play with, one new weapon, a new reaper enemy that I already mentioned and one gets to visit the most inner parts... of Omega (sorry but Aria remains off limits although she might be in a kissy mood).

All in all Omega is fair and good fun and as a plus... there's not a single mention of the Starchild in there... huzzah! What a relief!

Guess what it means!