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The Foxhole rules and policies

Started by Starfox, May 12, 2023, 03:06 AM

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Welcome to The Foxhole forum

Before you go ahead and post anything, here are a few guidelines that you should keep in mind.

First and Foremost, this place is a friendly place. That means that anyone can feel free to come and post as long as they behave as friends. You may come here and express your feelings, your opinions about anything as long as you do it with respect regarding other members feelings and opinions. Humor and insanity is more than welcome on our boards as long as it is done in an intelligent way. what does that mean?

  • You cannot post any defamatory material or any aggressive remarks of any kind regarding another member. Disagreeing with another member is OK but there's always a way to discuss your divergence of opinions without resorting to guns (at which point an Admin or a Moderator will intervene and you don't want that).
  • Refrain to be childish since we have trouble with such behavior. Being childish includes spawning multiple posts with just one word to get a raise of your posts count. Telling "you suck" to someone who just wants an answer to a question is childish as well. There's no such thing as a stupid question with us. Being childish also include some typing problems. "u r l33t" will be frown upon as it is frankly unnerving. You are on a board not on SMS or ICQ so keep you language structured at least a minimum. If you don't have time to write normally... don't write. We're just talking about the SMS tendency here. Typos are not a problem.
  • Reviving a very old post will be badly looked upon unless you have a very serious reason for it. What is considered a very old post? Well, you'll know it because the forum will warn you. What is a serious motive? That would be something so fundamentally game changing that adding it to an old post would really be worth it. Keep in mind though that admins and moderators decide  if a motive is serious or not.

  • Unlike the preceding points, which do not necessarily trigger an immediate ban, posting spamming material either as clear words or as hidden links, either in a post or in your user profile is a motive of definitive ban without any notice and without any chance of rehabilitation. Links to commercial sites in the signature or in the member profile are also prohibited. The user responsible of such actions will be flagged as spammer with all the consequences that such a flag implies both on our site and on others.

    If you're a spammer, you already know what we mean.

    If you're a legit user who is just curious about this rule just one advice... Make sure to NEVER break it, not even for fun or as an experiment. We are normally a fun bunch but when it comes to spam we have a serious lack of humor and you wouldn't like what would happen.

If you do not respect these simple rules you expose yourself to a temporary or a definitive ban depending on your attitude and the number of times you broke the rules.

In case of doubt about something you would like to do and that you feel could break the rules, it's better to PM one of the administrators or moderators; we will tell you if you can proceed and that way everyone will be happy.

These rules are subject to change without any warning if the need arise.

As long as you stay within the limits you are safe. Have fun!

Guess what it means!