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Resident Evil: Revelations [2013 - Capcom]

Started by Starfox, May 12, 2023, 09:08 AM

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Originally published on June 22, 2014

First thing I'd like to say right now, I've never been a Resident Evil fan. In fact Revelations is the only game in the Resident Evil series that I've truly finished. My other attempt was with Resident Evil 4 if I remember, that I abandoned quickly enough so badly done this console port was (I heard it was recently redone but if they only changed graphics it would be a waste for me to try to play it again).

At least for Resident Evil: Revelations, Capcom tried to do a little more than a simple copy/paste with badly adapted PC controls. The game is not completely disastrous to play even if I have some bones pick here and there. For example the fact that your character is hyper-slow while strafing is puzzling. More puzzling is the fact that your character can only swim forward. No swim backward or on the side which make the thing particularly tedious in some situations (note to the devs: go swim for a while you'll have the astounding surprise to realize that a human being can swim backward and even sideways with no problem). Oh and yes, a normal human being is also able to use a knife underwater (take my word for it it save the life of a buddy of mine once); however in Revelations... no can do. Only thing you can do underwater is launch sonic grenades... Puzzling enough? If I stress the swimming problems is that most of the story of Revelations happens on a ship with some flooded parts so yeah, at some point swimming is pretty important.

As for the story if you never played any of the Resident Evil games (I never finished that fourth one) it's confusing enough especially because if I have to believe sources like Wikipedia, Resident Evil is a real publishing nightmare. For example Revelations is supposed to take place sometime between 4 and 5 but was published after 5 and before Raccoon City while the events in Revelations are supposed to be after those of Raccoon City... Well, I stop there my headache is already bad enough as it is.

The story in Resident Evil: Revelations is really basic anyway. The real bad point being that a third into the game you already have a good idea of who the bad guys and the traitors are so when the moment come from the big surprise your reaction is something like "So what?". You even laugh to the face of the characters on the screen because frankly, they weren't able to see that coming? Wow...

I'm afraid that finally the only part of the game I had some fun with was the so called Raid Mode. This part is a light RPG where one replays the various levels of the game but without any storyline. One just has to shoot the bad guys, to retrieve rewards and to level-up (the main game sadly doesn't feature any RPG elements). That's how much the storyline interested me. I was more interested in playing without this hassle.

Anyway... Resident Evil is definitely one of those series of which you have to be a fan and played all the games for it to work for you.

I'm not a fan and I didn't play all the games so for me Resident Evil: Revelations is just an average game good for a little fun in Raid Mode (too bad one has to endure the campaign and it's dumb storyline at least once to access the Raid Mode).

Will I play other Resident Evil games in the future? I don't know but I'm sure to have other things to play before that.

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