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We've got a new forum. The old one will remain available as archive.

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Started by Starfox, Feb 02, 2023, 01:55 PM

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As some of you may have noticed, the old and venerable forum disappeared along with other important stuff, like the pictures Vault. That's because our host decided to stop supporting PHP 5 and I was too busy with real life events to migrate the applications. In addition some applications like the Vault don't seem to have a version that does not require PHP 5.

I may be able to resolve the problem without loosing data (at least for the forum) but it will require a lot of time that I currently do not have for personal reasons.

I installed this board for you to post what you want until I can get a handle on the situation if possible. Until Then feel free to peruse this space.

People subscribing to this forum whom I personally know will be upgraded to access a private discussion area.

Keep in mind that the rules that applied to the (temporarily??) inaccessible forum still apply here! No commercial crap... etc...

Thank you for your patience and as our host said to me "Sorry for the inconvenience we may have caused you"...

Guess what it means!


Well, I suppose given the choice between no forum and starting over at square one, this is preferable.  I just recently cracked the top ten most posts on the old forum, though, so of course my glory would be short-lived.

Edit: Good lord, this captcha verification is tough.  The "listen to the letters" option is a godsend.
Roads?  Where we're going we don't need roads.


Welcome back!

I upgraded your account which should also get rid of the captcha verification (it's only for new members, especially spam bots).

All the old timers will start at a 500 posts counter with the status of Legendary Member.

Just let me know if you don't get access to the private discussion area board.

Guess what it means!

Silver Sorrow

"Don't pick your nose in Taco Bell, don't post pics of naked succubi, don't post links to the pyramid scheme you're running..." Everything's gotta be rules, rules, rules.

And here I am. Couldn't shake me. Never be rid of me. Mu-hahaha.

...there's an angel standing in the sun...


Hello my dear Silver

Note that I'm not responsible for the rules. Those were installed with this new version of the forum software. I haven't read them so I don't even know if I agree with them or not.

QuoteCouldn't shake me.

Not sure I tried  ;D

Guess what it means!