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Dishonored DLC -- The Knife Of Dunwall [2013 -- Arkane Studios]

Started by Starfox, Feb 19, 2023, 06:10 PM

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Original Publication: 07/24/2013

Note: The following is a review of a DownLoaded Content for the game Dishonored

After you played the original campaign as Corvo, The Knife Of Dunwall proposes you a new challenge: to play as Daud, the master assassin who killed the Empress, the one that as Corvo you may have killed or spared in the original campaign. It doesn't really matter as this mini campaign takes place before Corvo meets Daud.

The DLC begins with a cinematic of Daud and his men on their way to kill the Empress and Daud recounting what it felt like. Obviously (as was already clear in the original campaign from the documents Corvo found) this particular assassination left a mark on Daud, for better or worse. That's a job he should have never taken and he's pretty sure he's going to pay for it, one way or the other. Soon after this thought Daud finds himself spirited away by the Outsider who confirms that yes, this assassination was not like any other and that there will be consequence. And because the Outsider kinda likes Daud, he gives him a clue to his future, a name... Delilah.

The game proper begins six months after the Empress assassination as Corvo just escaped from jail. Daud is still investigating the name Delilah and only found one reference, the name of a ship used to hunt whales which in turn leads him to a most unsavory guy who own a slaughterhouse where whales are slowly killed in order to make them produce the energetic oil so necessary to all the technological devices used in Dunwall. The immediate move is of course to track down the guy inside his own slaughterhouse and to "extract" some information from him. After what you'll have to either "slaughter" him or find a non-lethal way to take him out.

That's right. Daud may be an assassin (and a real one at that, after all he assassinated an Empress in cold blood under the eyes of her daughter -- and possibly her boyfriend) but you may also follow the path of redemption rather than continuing slaughtering everyone you come across. It is implied in both the vanilla game and the DLC that Daud is far to be comfortable with having assassinated an Empress. So maybe it's time for a change of lifestyle... Or maybe it isn't; up to you.

The gameplay as Daud is not a whole lot different than the gameplay as Corvo and after all it doesn't have to be as Daud is also one of the few (eight) of the Outsiders chosen. As such he possess magical ability similar to Corvo's, some identical, some slightly altered and some completely different. The altered ones are Daud's version of Blink and Dark Vision. Blink roughly functions the same as Corvo's but has the additional twist of freezing time when one stands still so you can perfectly time your move and land exactly where you want to (this is most useful for taking out an opponent up close while coming from a long range or to completely avoid the blow of an opponent ready to strike). Additionally, you can also decide to use it in a more "creative" way, like jumping from the top of a building then use it before hitting the ground and take your time to safely land in another place. Dark Vision was altered in both color (blue) and the fact that it displays runes and charms positions because well, Daud doesn't have a fancy heart talking with the voice of a dead Empress to tell him where to look.

Summon Assassin is a new trick and does exactly what the name implies, to summon an assassin from Daud's troops. Assassins summoned in this way can be upgraded with another passive ability which allow Daud to share a fraction of his power. So for example, if Daud has blink, his assassin will be able to use that in combat... etc. Daud also has a wrist crossbow instead of Corvo's mini-crossbow but the same limitations, type of ammo and upgrades apply. He also has a couple of new non-lethal toys, a stun grenade and a stun mine.

All in all, The Knife Of Dunwall is much shorter than the original game with 3 medium sized mission where the original had 9 missions from medium to large plus interludes between them (the interludes in the DLC are movies). However the game plays nicely and the story complement very well the original game and announces things to come in the next DLC.

More importantly, if you liked the original game, chances are that you'll like this DLC.

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