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Everybody is really turning stupid these days

Started by Starfox, Mar 20, 2023, 03:38 PM

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So I guess that most of you have noticed the new Steam Big Picture mode that replaces the old one, because the old one was not adapted to their currently favorite product: Steam Deck (BTW valve, if you really think I'll be forking $600 in a stupid gimmick when I know how you treated your Steam Controller and its faithful users, think again)?

Well today I wanted to listen to music and BPM was the friendliest way to do that in Steam. I stress "was" because guess what? The new BPM doesn't have the feature anymore because, you know, why keep a feature that was good when you can remove it and place useless gimmicks that only Steam Deck users will appreciate (and maybe not even them) all over?

And all of that because Steam wanted to emulate Nintendo Switch? Good job guys! I give them about 5 years before dropping the Steam Deck and find something else to play with, like they did with the Steam Controller: a super thing in 2015, dead by 2020 with no replacement planned.

Guess what it means!